How to Know is There School Today NYC 2024 (New York department of school)

Is There School Today? many of parents don’t know about this, that how to to know New York department of school is opened or closed, In this post we are trying to help people who want to know why is there no school today?

You can know with many ways like.. you can contact via NYC DOE email also you can get help from helpline number and also many other ways,

Lets read complete post to identified NYC New York department of school status. So lets read complete post and get some useful information of education department within seconds.

There School Today NYC

Issues with the NYC mayor’s in-person school reopening plan 

Though this was the plan, there were immense pressures to push back the reopening date. The council of school administrators on Aug 12th said: “an unfortunate truth: schools will not be ready to open for in-person instruction on Sept. 10th.”Michael Mulgrew, the head of the teachers union also issued a statement saying it is not safe for teachers and students to return to school buildings.

On the same exact day, in a press conference the Mayor and School Chancellor said schools were ready to be reopened affirming “This ball game is far from over. We are going to make these schools safe … Parents can’t wait to get their kids back to school.”

On the school Chancellor’s statement, U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) posed a question on twitter saying “If it’s not safe enough for indoor dining, what makes it safe enough for indoor schooling? (… and restaurants actually have soap in the bathrooms)”

How to Know is There School Today New York department of school

In the school reopening plan, Mayor Bill de Blasio provided parents with two options: the first included complete virtual learning until the situation settles down. The second option is, students would have to appear at the school for 1 to 3 days of the week and continue virtual learning for the rest of the days.

Now come to on the main topic, If you want to know Know is There School Today? then you can try diffrerent ways as you like. You can know with below ways :-

Just try any one method and get whole information…

Are You Wondering Whether There Is School Today in New York City? Below are a few resources you may use:

  • NYC Department of Education (DOE) Website: The NYC DOE provides a detailed school calendar on their official website, detailing scheduled holidays, half days and any citywide closure dates. Check this calendar any time for updates!
  • Individual Schools’ Websites or Communication Channels: Schools often host their own websites or communication platforms (like emails, texts messages, or apps ) where they post updates regarding schedule changes, closures or delays in schools.
  • Local News Outlets: News outlets that cover schools are usually reliable sources for school closure updates due to inclement weather or other emergencies, especially unplanned closures that come out of nowhere.
  • Social Media: Many schools and the NYC DOE maintain active social media accounts to share timely updates regarding school closures on platforms like Twitter or Facebook. Keep an eye out for updates from these accounts for real-time information on closures.
  • 311 NYC: For information regarding school schedules and closures in NYC, the official city website (dial 311) can provide useful helpline number that is open 24/7 (dial 311 within NYC).

1. NYC Department of Education (NYC DOE) Website:

The NYC DOE website ( is an excellent resource for general announcements and updates, including school closures. Here’s how to use it:

  • Check the homepage: The NYC DOE homepage could show announcements or alerts about school closures in the event of emergency situations or weather-related events.
  • news section: Visit the section for news on our website to find recent information on school closings.

2. NYC Schools Account:

If you are a member of the NYC School Account (for parents and guardians of NYC public school students) You are able to access your account and view any closure announcements that pertain to the school your child attends. (

3. School Website or Social Media:

The majority of NYC school districts have websites as well as websites with social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter) where they can announce closures due to unexpected situations. Look for the school’s web page or social media presence and look for any news.

4. Local News Channels:

Local NYC news channels frequently announce school closures in severe weather or emergencies. Go to their websites and listen to the news channels to receive updates.

5. School Phone Call:

If you are unable to find online information, you could contact your child’s school directly via phone.

Why do most parents not agree for in-person school reopening? 

Schooling and education was extremely important in the pre-corona virus situation. And it is just as important now. But sending kids to school in the epicenter of the virus is not safe.

No matter how much intellect we anticipate to put in, the hurdles in our way are very big and cannot be ignored. Though there are slight possibilities it can go well, the budget cuts make it nearly impossible.

  1. Level of risk is significantly high 

According to the Mayor’s plan, schools cannot reopen if the percentage of positive cases is equal to or less than 3%. But, looking into the reality, the contemporary positive rate is around 7%. This makes going back to school pretty dangerous.

  1. The complete plan is thoughtless 

The plan of the department of education NYC is contrary to other cities in America. Instead of focusing on small sections of students, NYC DOE’s plan includes hundreds and thousands students and teachers all together rushing into the school building.

More number of people will be taking public transit and eating with people from different families. A bunch of students walking in the hallway with barely any windows will definitely break the rule of public indoor gathering every single day.

  1. School budget cuts 

City budget cuts, which are the result of long scale financial neglect from NYC. There is a lot of stuff to be done to allow social distancing as well as various other safety equipment, all of which is hella expensive.

Opting for the all-remote plan will also require a lot of funds. In simple words, the NYC education department and the mayor have come up with a plan they can’t fund.


Hoping this post will help you to know opening and closing status, For more you can contact official website where you can get much information in the real time.

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