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This post will help you to access NYC DOE Email, We are sharing Department of Education right information which can make easy to access DOE Email, So guys just follow us for complete information about New York City NYC Department of Education on one webpage.

Well, the NYC department of education and the mayor of NYC have an even more ridiculous solution to it. On remote days,

They would hire teachers to give students information and teach them online. The mayor has definitely done a great job in turning the meaning of schooling upside down.

New York City NYC Department of Education

On sep 17th when announcing the second delay of in-person school reopening, mayor Bill De Balsio said: “I’m announcing today, in addition to the 2,000 educators that we announced several days ago, we’re going to add 2,500 more; 2,000 originally, 2,500 more, grand total of 4,500.

Additional educators being added into our schools and classrooms immediately.” considering the fact that these words have come from someone that was in a long hibernation since march. It’s impossible to have 4,500 new teachers in 12 days.

When it’s time for the next announcement, the mayor as well as the NYC department of education decided to maintain dead silence on how many new teachers they’ve hired to label the insufficiency.

DOE Email

As there are many webpages shared New York City NYC Department of Education email access guide also NYC officially shared DOE Email login process for the new user and returning users.

We are trying to shared these information with more easy steps. You can easily follow to access Doe email form this guide.

Online education has been growing big due to the current consequences and situations across the world. Most students have preferred online learning while the teachers are involved in providing digital education to the students in the current pandemic conditions.

To access online classes, students at NYC require a DOE account. All the employees and students at the NYC Department of Education can get access to their corresponding DOE email through the web.

Here is everything you need to know about the DOE Email Login, procedure to access the DOE account, username, password reset procedure, and more you can clicking here direct NYC DOE EMail Login with official website..

DOE Email Account

The Department of Education of New York City generates a student account for every single student from the New York City Public School.

The Pre-K students will have a student account. With this DOE student account, the students can easily access a plethora of DOE technology platforms.

Some of them include TeachHub, Zoom, Microsoft Office, iLearnNYC, Google for Education, and a lot more. All these platforms help students improve their school’s offerings in terms of education and their courses.

Most of the aforementioned DOE learning portals are accessible to all K-12 New York City schools. Before accessing your DOE email, you need to activate your DOE student account for the first time. This article guides you to activate and access NYC DOE Email. Have a glance!

Set up and Activate your DOE Email

Wondering how to get a DOE Email address? The students can create a new DOE student account by generating a new username and password. Follow the steps provided below to set up your username.

  • At first, visit the link – https://idm/
  • Enter your 9-digit OSIS Number [Student ID] and date of birth in the given fields.
  • Hit the Continue button.
  • On the next page, you can find your username.
  • Click the Continue button.
  • Further, you must set up a new password.
  • Make sure that the password comprises a minimum of 8 characters.
  • The password that you create shouldn’t comprise your first name, last name, or username.
  • Re-enter the new password in the following field.
  • Click the ‘Update Password’ button.
  • On the next page, a message displays on the screen saying that you have successfully set your password.
  • Click the Sign-in button to access your DOE account.

DOE Email First Time User

If you are first time user then you can follow below steps to creating new account..

  1. First click here to create new account on DOE Email.
  2. After then give a user name it will be use for login again.
  3. For example if your user name is ROSE then Format will be [email protected].
  4. After then just fill a password also confirm it by filling again.
  5. After then click on submit you email will be ready for use.

DOE Email Returning User

As you can see in above paragraph to create new account, After create new account now you no need to create again and again new account, Just open login page add right credential and done, In step follow ..

  1. First you need to open login page which already mention on above paragraph.
  2. After then just add your user name NYC DOE Outlook login.
  3. Fill right password which given when creating new account.

DOE Email Forget password

Some time we can forget password, Same like other email we can recover DOE email login password by following easy steps. To recover New York City NYC Department of Education passwords jus follow steps..

  • On login page will be see an option of  “Forgot Password”
  • Just click on  “Forgot Password”
  • After then  HR directors [email protected] will give few steps for reset passwords.

DOE Email 365 outlook office

You can access webmail from 365 outlook office with same process. After grant approval of email like verification something departmental formalities and criteria you can enjoy it from 365 outlook office.

The most probable scenario is. Many companies including school districts use Microsoft Office 365 for various services such as email. NYC DOE employees might have access to an email account that has the domain “” or “” which is managed by Microsoft Outlook.

Registration Process (if you are using Microsoft Outlook):

  • Access Point The employees would probably be able to access their email via a separate portal or web application that is provided from NYC DOE. NYC DOE. It may not be accessible through your public NYC DOE website.
  • Login credentials: Employees would need their NYC DOE network username and password to sign in.

NYC DOE Payroll Portal

If you are looking for how to access NYC DOE Payroll Portal then you are landing on the perfect web page, Here we will try to show you complete way for NYC doe payroll portal login for UFT Members with easy steps.

Members can Get their Wages information and Register in various DoE Applications online Members should possess DoE email IDs to get the Payroll Portal.

As payroll portal is a internet webpage where an employee can get much information of department without visiting office. Same like that NYC DOE Payroll Portal is very useful for New York City NYC Department of education.

NYC DOE Payroll Portal

When a member doesn’t have an ID, they ought to telephone the DoE Helpdesk in 212-935- 5100. Participants should be invited to utilize the Payroll Portal because the DOE aims to remove the paper and perform all enrollments online.

Below are detailed directions to assist members in getting into the Payroll Portal. Please don’t hesitate to distribute and replicate it.

Guys, NYC DOE Payroll Portal login is too easy, But some other information will help you to get further information of the education department.

How To Access NYC DOE Payroll portal

Topic of NYC DOE Payroll portal we also shared a separated post, There we shared everything about NYC DOE Payroll portal, You can check via exploring our website.

So, If you are looking for How to NYC DOE Payroll portal login then follow below mentioned easy steps :-

  1. First, You Need to visit this webpage.
  2. You will see the webpage like the below doe payroll portal
  3. Find “login” and click it once.
  4. Click on “sign.”
  5. Two boxes will show up on your display.
  6. Just fill your required email and password.
  7. Now click on login and access.

This message Describes the next table, that’s tagged”mailing list”

Note – (ex. If your DOE email is: [email protected] then your
network/email ID is: JDOE.)

The mailing list will keep you current on information, events, and documents from the payroll portal site.

  • You can unsubscribe this Service at any moment.
  • Click on the “OK” button in the mailbox.
  • In the event, you don’t need to join the mailing list, click”cancel”
  • Please make sure that you don’t need to join the mailing list to get your salary info online.

On the front left of the display to locate Employee Self Service and then click on it.

There are several alternatives available to you: Salary Differential Request Program — This is the location where you can submit an application for salary differentials you’ll be able to register in the subsequent DoE apps:

  • – College Savings
  • – Metro Card
  • – Economy Bond
  • – EFT/Direct Deposit

You could even get into your salary info by merely clicking “Payroll Register.”

You may Get the payroll query display with choices to understand your salary data, salary history, Taxpayer register, CAR info, and pay stubs. So payroll portal Nyc doe cleared.

How To reset NYC doe payroll portal login Password

To reset passwords you must need your security question which filled by you when you created mail account, If you forgot your mail password then you can reset with following easy steps,

  • Just click on Forget password.
  • Now you will redirect into another page.
  • Just follow easy steps or You can read the full post on our site home page.
  • For more info about password reset you can read NYC doe email full post.
  • Still getting issue then visit the help center.

Frequently asked Questions

Here are some question and answer which often asked by people on many online platform like social media, forums and pages, These questions and answer will help you to solve anything about NYC services. You can check also ..

NYC doe payroll portal contact

If you want to know something more about this or want to contact official guys dedicated to this then you can use 212-935- 5100 number to contact a helpline.

How much does a NYC DoE principal make?

This is frequently asked question on Google, Quora also other platforms like yahoo answer,

NYC DoE is one the biggest education program or we can say the education department of USA, NYC DoE principal makes really good worth,

As you know right information about this concept can shared only official guys or official department, we just collection some data from different web pages, So we really don’t claiming that this is right info, You can get more info from official, BTW. Let me share something interesting for you:-

Average Base Pay of Principal is $132K/yr

So here some basic to high principal salary in the NY area.

Low – $93K/yr,   Average – $132K/yr,    High – $186K/yr,


It a 10 character employee ID (i.e.8957841254), It will different for specific users, Any user can find this employee ID by navigating upper left corner.

It is starting with your district number so it will different with different district users.  When an employee login they must enter 10 character employee ID.


NYC DOE Email Outlook Issues and Support If you face any sort of issues at the time of accessing the NYC DOE Email Outlook login, you can contact the concerned person at the administrative department. You can contact the person through a phone call, chat, or any other platform.

  • For Phone support: (718) 935-5100
  • Chat support Timings: 6:00 am to 5:00 pm [Friday]

Maybe some queries not mentioned and you are coming to solved that unique issue on our page. Don’t panic.

We are sharing NYC DOE complete support number and links which can help you to contact official guys, Just check it in table..

New York City NYC Department of Education
Chat Support TimingFriday 6:00 am to 5:00 pm
TwitterFollow Here
Facebook  Like Here
Call Support(718) 935-5100


Guys, Hope this post will help you to access NYC DOE Payroll portal, If you were still not able to access your account then you can contact official guys via support email and contact number which fully described on our website homepage.

If you want to know anything more about NYC Doe Email or Education Department of New York then you can get more information from NYC DOE Email website, Keep coming.